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Key Ways in Which the Kitchen Has Changed Over the Years

Contrary to its current functionality, the kitchen was not always the center of household activities that it is today. The kitchen was simply used for the preparation and cooking of food, that’s it. It wasn’t until recently, within the last 100 years, that the kitchen became the hub of activity and social gathering within the home. This is in large part due to the advent of new-age technology kitchen appliances and modernized kitchen layouts. With this Copper Chef review, we take a look at how the kitchen has changed over time.

It was during the 20s that the kitchen space was really carved out. The foundation for the kitchen as we know it was laid during this time frame. Homes started to stray away from cooking over fires and fireplaces and instead incorporated the cooking stove. The cooking stove, a bulky yet useful tool, was equipped with multiple burners to allow you to cook multiple foods at once. Additionally, the beginning phase of the dishwasher or “cleaning machine” was ro…